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Security Cameras and CCTV- 11 Good Reasons To Use Them

CCTV and Security Cameras are Top Security’s Video Solution. The system is an add on to our Burglar Alarm Systems. There are many advantages to using CCTV and Security Cameras but the most important is the peace of mind in knowing your home or business is safe and secure and you can check from anywhere to insure this. Our Security Camera Systems are cutting edge, utilizing the latest in technology. These are the top 11 reasons to use Top Security’s CCTV and Security Camera System – 1. Homeowner security – you can monitor younger children, baby sisters or coming of age teens. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you can check in and see what is happening in your home.2. View remotely on computers, smart phones or tablets. CCTV Security Camera Systems not only record digitally you can view live footage or review footage from prior days/weeks or months.3. Watch inside or outside with Day/Night weather proof cameras!4. Observe an elderly relative. No more worrying about Aunt Jane, you are as good as in the room with her!5. Insurance documentation6. Traffic Monitoring – who’s coming and going when you’re not home?7. Delivery Observation –8. Employee surveillance9. After hours security for your business10. Theft/Shoplifting prevention11. Pet Welfare – check in on your furry family member from anywhere!

Security and Safety Tips to Protect Your Home while you are on Vacation

The summer season will be here again before we know it, and that means vacation time for many of you. It’s also a time for a rise in crime – per the FBI the crime rate rises between 6% and 16% in the summer months – June, July and August. Below are some Security and Safety tips to protect our home while you’re on vacation. • We all know to leave lights on timers but also put televisions or radios on timers. That way it not only looks like someone is home, it sounds like it too.• Notify a trusted neighbor or nearby relative that you will be going out of town, and ask if they can take in mail and any packages that are delivered. Also ask them to check every day or so for those flyers that are left by your front door.• If a neighbor or relative is not available, consider a house sitter. The cost vs. the peace of mind will equal out.• You can also have the Post Office hold your mail so that it does not pile up in mail box the PO will hold mail from 3 to 30 days.• Put a hold on your newspaper delivery.• If utilizing a pet sitter, ask them to stagger the hours that they come and go, this way there is no routine established.• Don’t advertise your plans, yes we know you want all your face book friends to know you’re going away – but you’re also telling the bad guys.• Save posting your pictures on social networking until you are back home• Continue services such as landscapers or pool cleaners.• Invest in a good security system.